9 авг. 2013 г.

Log for 09.08.2013

SW Log for 09.08.2013

17.35 utc, 15.435 khz, BSKSA 1, in arabic, good signal
17.37 utc, 15.480 khz, BBC, in arabic, poor signal
17.40 utc, 15.540 khz, Radio Kuwait, in english, medium signal
17.42 utc, 15.580 khz, Voice of America, in english, good signal
17.44 utc, 15.690 khz, Radio Taiwan Int, in english, good signal
17.48 utc, 15.700 khz, Deutsche Welle, in french, poor signal


31 июл. 2013 г.

Log for 25.07.2013

SW Log for 25.07.2013

20.20 utc, 11750 kHz, IRIB, in english, good signal
20.25 utc, 11735 kHz, ZBC Radio, in Swahili, good signal
20.30 utc, 11710 kHz, CNR 1, in chinese, medium signal
20.32 utc, 11695 kHz, Radio Australia, in english, good signal
20.35 utc, 11680 kHz, Voice of Korea (KCBS), in korean, medium signal
20.37 utc, 11670 kHz, All India Radio, in hindi, good signal
20.40 utc, 11765 kHz, Radio Algerienne, in french, poor signal
20.42 utc, 11775 kHz, Over Comer Ministry, in english, medium signal


28 июн. 2013 г.

Log for 22.06.2013

SW Log for 22.06.2013

13.40 utc, 15.150 kHz, IRIB, in arabic, good signal
13.45 utc, 15.160 kHz, Radio Romania Int, in russian, good signal
13.48 utc, 15.170 khz, Voice of America, in somali, very poor signal
13.52 utc, 15.235 kHz, Radio Pakistan, in urdu, poor signal


21 июн. 2013 г.

WorldDX Web

Dear friends! Due to technical issues with the hosting our website WorldDX.narod.ru moved to the new hosting and the new url. All pages of the website were restored and now the website fully operational. The new url for our website is now at http://worlddx.hol.es/
Feel free to visit it and please, update your bookmarks, if you dont want to lost us!